We take clients through this process smoothly from start to finish and we can help you with your first or new development.
We have access to private bankers within many lending institutions and are able to obtain the best offer for your situation.
We partner with some of the best real estate agents in Perth who will maximise your profit and provide a seamless, professional experience.

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Individual Developments has built a strong reputation as a Perth property developer delivering exceptional build quality at an approachable price point.

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For property developers in Perth, you can trust Individual Developments

Our team takes care of everything, from your idea of development all the way to build completion and profit realisation.  We believe development is based on relationships and our family run business treats every client as family.  You, the client, is the most important person in our business.

Hours working with our happy clients on their dream builds.
Cups of coffee that we gladly enjoy with our tradespeople and clients.